From "Mourning for the father" series

War is defined as a long-term structured conflict involving the use of arms and weapons between nations, governments and different groups, which is associated with severe hostility, social disruption, and excessive financial loss and casualties.

Today, we constantly witness such conflicts across the world, with the media spotlighting the loss of thousands of soldiers and death of civilians during wars. However, we are rarely informed on the survivors of wars and their destiny.

What becomes of them? How does war influence the lives of those who have lost their loved ones? How do women mourn the deaths of their husbands, fathers, and brothers and cope with such grave tragedies?


These contemplations have urged me to start a project in order to shed light on these events and reflect the grand suffering of war survivors only partly. My photographs have been inspired by the works of Renaissance painters, and this can be seen in the classical lighting techniques and pictorial editing of the works. In addition, the black veils on the models signify the spiritual aspect of the photographs, symbolizing the catharsis born out of a plethora of grief and agony.


From "Breathless" series

The loop of being

Iranian culture has always been influenced by its great poets. People believe that the effect range spans from routine, every-day problems, to the deepest movements which determine the future. I was inspired by the philosophy and poems of the great Iranian poet, Khayyam to take these pictures. He believes that this world is nothing but a depressing show between two nonexistences. A show that replays in a rather stubborn fashion. He predicted that Death is somewhere near us and we might face it any minute. So it’s wiser to appreciate each moment of this short life.

The black silk used in the project is a symbol of getting stuck in the past, thinking about the future that has not arrived yet, and meanwhile a symbol of mourning for the present moment. Image rotation refers to the philosophy of consistent spin between life and death, consecutive comings and goings without an appreciation of the present moment.


In this image, I aimed to shed light on the inner conflict of the girl, as can be shown with her pale complexion, and effects of outer elements, such as the wind that shuffles her hair frantically. The wind symbolizes the unexpected events that although invisible, have an undeniable influence.As the wind moves her hair chaotically, her tension and agitation escalate.  

Single works of Lina

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