The earth is the mother who gave birth to man, nourishes, nurtures and cares for him with her body.

These beliefs are commonly indoctrinated across various nations and people in the world: The myth of man’s origin from the dust, or in other words, his birth from the earth.

Hesiod (Greek poet) says Zeus and other gods created man in five epochs; The Golden Age, the Silver Age, and Bronze Age, the Heroic Age, and the Iron Age, in which we live today.

People of the Iron Age era do not sympathize with the needs of others and do not share the blessings of the earth. Instead, they divide the land into countless private units and everyone keeps whatever they can.

We think that the earth with its blessings cannot grant us adequate wealth, thus, we commit to acquire additional wealth through conquering foreign lands superfluously.

We are leading the earth to destruction which drives our patient mother increasingly weary and withered.

With these descriptions, Zeus may collapse our civilization, for we have shown that we do not deserve to live in the land that is our mother’s.