“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it”

About me

My name is Mohammad Sorkhabi, also known as Sorkhe, and I am a 38-year-old fine art portrait photographer from Iran.

My professional journey in the realm of photography began in 2015 when I ventured into the captivating world of portraiture.

The roots of my passion for photography and art can be traced back to my childhood. As a child, I delighted in playing with my father’s film and photography equipment, sparking an early fascination with capturing images. Additionally, my mother adorned our home with frames showcasing famous paintings from the romantic and Renaissance periods. These masterpieces, characterized by the precise color tones that I employ in my work today, left an indelible mark on my artistic sensibilities and continue to inspire my creative endeavors.

In my artistic practice, I draw inspiration from classical lighting techniques and pictorial approaches, heavily influenced by the form and aesthetics of romantic and Renaissance painters. By embracing these influences, I strive to create a distinct ambiance in my work. Through careful attention to depth, toning, coloring, and the delicate capture of facial expressions and other elements, I aim to evoke a somber and gothic vibe, imbuing my photographs with a unique atmosphere.